Your chronic congestion is making your life miserable

Balloon Sinuplasty for Sinus Sufferers

Your nose always feels blocked.

No matter what medication you take, the congestion doesn’t seem to let up.

You may be suffering from nasal valve collapse.

Your nasal obstruction might be a nasal valve collapse

Nasal obstruction causes difficulty breathing through the nose, especially during sleep or exercise.

One of the most common conditions associated with a nasal obstruction is Nasal Valve Collapse (NVC).

Nasal valve collapse causes

When lateral cartilage is weakened from an injury, aging, or another condition it can begin to cave inward. As you breathe in through the nose the weakened cartilage continues to cave in and blocks the airway. This makes it difficult to breathe while resting, sleeping, or exercising.

In the past, NVC often went untreated because of the limited treatment options. Past treatments involved grafting cartilage from another area of the body, which often failed to treat underlying structural issues that could cause further collapse.

There is now a better option

LATERA® for Nasal Valve Collapse

LATERA® is an absorbable implant that supports the lateral nasal cartilage to reduce your nasal obstruction symptoms. It is incredibly safe, convenient, and effective. In fact, most patients even mention that they don’t even feel it.

LATERA® can help you breathe through your nose better, decreasing fatigue and boosting your quality of life.

How does it work?

The LATERA® implant is put in place during a minimally invasive procedure done right in the comfort of our office. It’s slowly absorbed by the nose, increasing the structure of your nasal wall.

A self-assessment can show you if you're a likely candidate

The Cottle Maneuver can help identify nasal obstruction. Pull on your cheek, holding your nostril to the side. If this improves your breathing, you might be suffering from NVC.

Don’t let a nasal blockage slow you down

Why should something so easy to fix make your life difficult? At Pittsburgh Sinus Centers we can diagnose and effectively treat your sinus issues to give you lasting relief.

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