Your sinus infections, chronic congestion, and facial pressure are terrible 

Your chronic sinus pain makes you miserable and keeps coming back. How can you get rid of it?

Your days are filled with pain and uncertainty

You're frustrated with the uncertainty of finding a treatment that works. You've tried so many treatments, but nothing has gotten rid of your pain.

At Pittsburgh Sinus Centers, we help patients like you, who suffer from sinus or allergy pain. Get long-term relief at Pittsburgh Sinus Centers.

I'm tired of my pain
get lasting relief for chronic sinus pain

Painful sinus infections keep coming back?

Chronic sinus infections and sinus pain can be miserable. We help patients get lasting relief every day.

I need sinus pain relief

Congestion and facial pain get in the way of life

Congestion can lead to facial pressure so bad that it hurts. If you’re suffering from pressure and congestion, Balloon Sinuplasty can bring long-term relief.

Tell me about Balloon Sinuplasty
balloon sinuplasty may be the solution for your sinus problems
relief for allergy sufferers

Allergies don’t have to control your life

For allergy sufferers, it may seem impossible to get relief from allergy pain. However, at Pittsburgh Sinus Centers, we help patients find long-term relief from allergy pain using immunotherapy.

I need allergy relief

"I would highly recommend Dr. Mathur."

"I went to Dr. Mathur after going to an ENT for years. I got an appointment very quickly for a specialist. His staff was very helpful and up front regarding my insurance. He was thorough with the additional testing  necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. He spent the necessary time making sure that I understood everything associated with my diagnosis."

"Great experience."

"Took time to explain everything to me in great detail. Explained options. Made me feel assured that he was doing what was most beneficial for me. Explained all details of procedure that I had done in such detail that I knew exactly what was going to happen and how it would feel and how long it would last. Staff are all very nice."

Find permanent relief with Pittsburgh Sinus Centers' Dr. Sam Mathur

Dr. Sam Mathur, a native of Western Pennsylvania, grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He has treated thousands of sinus and allergy patients and is ready to bring his experience, positive attitude, and forward-thinking approach to resolve your sinus issues.

Our offices provide advanced and routine sinus and allergy treatments. Dr. Mathur's vision of care is a patient-based approach where you are involved in each step. As a patient, you will be guided out of the dark and given the full picture of your ENT health. You will also know the options you have available to you and feel heard throughout the process as Pittsburgh Sinus Centers takes you from your current painful state to relief.

About Dr. Mathur
meet our ent specialist, Dr. Sam Mathur

Don't Struggle Another Day

Pittsburgh Sinus Centers offers a full range of ENT services and three convenient locations in the greater Pittsburgh area, with offices in Wexford and Indiana, Pennsylvania. Our services, designed to provide you the best in care, include allergy therapy, balloon sinuplasty, septoplasty, nasal congestion relief, and endoscopic sinus surgery.

Do you want to delay relief? If you're ready to overcome your sinus issues, schedule your appointment today.

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