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Telemedicine from Pittsburgh Sinus Center

Are your days filled with sinus or allergy pain and now possibly uncertainty?

Are your hopes of breathing out of your nose stuffed with doubt?

Pittsburgh Sinus Center has developed a patient treatment process that will provide safety from COVID-19 spread.

We Effectively Diagnose and Treat Your Sinus and Allergy Pain.

Pittsburgh Sinus Center is making HOUSECALLS via TELEMEDICINE!

  • Initial Appointments
  • Some Follow-up Appointments

Fewer office patient appointments, further reducing person-person contact.

  • Pittsburgh Sinus Center offices are NOT located in a hospital building.

  • All patients have to wear a mask before entering our office locations.

  • Until further notice, only patients will be allowed to enter our office locations.

  • SAFER CT Imaging, Allergy Testing, and Endoscopy -  we perform these services at our Wexford office location.

  • Displaying covid symptoms for variants like Delta, Omicron, etc.? Pittsburgh Sinus Center conducts COVID-19 testing for eligible patients.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Sinus Centers. I'm Dr. Sam Mathur, owner and founder. The Pittsburgh Sinus Centers has adapted many new protocols to ensure your safety and follow the new social distancing guidelines. Our goal has and always will be to provide you the best sinus and allergy care available utilizing the latest technologies in a personalized and convenient manner. I want to go over some of the changes we've made in response to COVID-19 pandemic. The most important change is our new and very convenient tele-health office appointment program for many initial consultations and for some follow up appointments. We have found that this is a convenient medically covered and most importantly streamlined way to interact with you so that when you actually come to the office, it's a convenient visit. The goal is to have you avoid sitting in our waiting room or in our office exam rooms for long periods of time.

Speaker 1 (01:02):

We realized that long wait times that become almost an expectation for people, especially when they go to a subspecialty office, but this will not be the case at the Pittsburgh Sinus Centers. The process begins with a simple phone call. When you call the office, you'll be offered a virtual tele-health appointment. You'll then be instructed to go to the website and complete some standard medical health history forms and email them to our staff. Once we've received and reviewed the forms, you'll receive a confirmation email that will provide you a link to our virtual platform. The telehealth visit can be completed on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone. During the visit, our clinical staff will review your history and I will complete a full video consultation with you. At the conclusion of the appointment, we'll develop an individualized plan and discuss the next steps for most of our new patients.

Speaker 1 (02:07):

This will likely involve some level of testing, either through CT scan, imaging, allergy testing, or an office scope examination. Our staff will complete any required insurance precertification for your testing so that when you do come to the office we can focus on taking care of you safely and efficiently at the office. We've taken multiple new steps to ensure your safety. We will ask you to call us from the car before coming into the building to make sure that you don't have to wait. We have spaced out our appointment times significantly in order to minimize waiting times when arriving at the office. You'll be met by staff who will take your temperature. They will immediately provide you with a surgical mask or any other appropriate coverings and then you will be taken by a clinical staff member into an exam room. Each of our exam has been upgraded to include disposable plastic coverings of all the chairs.

Speaker 1 (03:05):

We have air recirculating UV filtration systems and have enhanced our cleaning procedures between patients. Our state of the art CT scanner is also completely covered in disposable plastic and it's sterilized between each use. All of our staff will be at a higher level of PPE than would normally be seen in a hospital. We have instituted these safety measures above and beyond what are required by state and federal guidelines for your safety. If after the office visit, I recommend an office procedure such as our unique office Balloon Sinuplasty, this'll be scheduled and all requisite paperwork will be completed before you leave the building. Our goal is your safety, but not at the expense of the high level of ENT and allergy care for which we've been recognized for over 21 years.

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